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5 Things you should do to Be Happy

Agree that would above all that you and I are really looking for happiness? What is money , wealth , fame, or physical property if you are not happy? They are nothing . So how can we learn to be happy ?

1- Love yourself first :

This is not a cliche, this is fact . If you want to be happy , learn to love yourself first. So, what does love mean to you ? If you 're a parent , you know the love that you feel for your child? This is the love that you give to yourself.
We are incredibly hard on ourselves , unless you are one of those out - of - control ego - crazy , you have a critical living inside of you, and your inner child is held hostage feeling.

2- As a small child :
To get in touch with your inner child is very important because the longer you are here on the planet, and you give , the more you are away from the child. You remember the abandonment of children in the game? When was the last time I felt like that?Wounded inner child by guards , and sometimes intentionally and sometimes not , and that life is delivered to your door . But if you're ready , you can get in touch with that inner child and it's free , you can begin to live a life of joy pure and absolute discretion .

3- Honoring yourself - How to be happy :
Learn to honor yourself, which is important if you want to be happy. Honor your feelings and not suppress . This does not mean that you constantly spout your feelings to the world . But between you and you. Honoring how you feel, and sit with your feelings , breathe through it, and feel it. Most of the time , if you let them , and breathe through them, and they will dissipate . The child interacts with his environment through internal feelings and when you remove your feelings , you have to keep your child healing procedure.

Once you give voice to your inner child and your feelings , and start to love yourself in spite of them , because of them , or in any case only , starts the freedom to develop in you that contrary to what you may have seen in a long time .

4- Now share that love with others :

Once this love blooms within you, it can not prevent overflow . Sharing love with others , not only brightens their day , but also enlighten you . This is another way you can learn how to be happy.If you were "hurt " by what someone said , try to ask yourself why. When you dive into the feelings, you have to realize that you are hurt because of something you have to think about yourself, not necessarily what the person is outside said . When you find a nugget like to grab with both hands and shake well against you because you have received an amazing gift : an opportunity to treat another "hole" inside of you.When it comes down to it , the world can use more people who have learned to embrace their inner child of the inner critic voice , and love themselves in happiness.

5- Happiness breeds happiness :

If you've often wondered how to be happy, but you do not know the exact steps to get there , then try to give yourself a gift. The tribe called the gift of prosperity and every month there were three calls for an amazing time training , which includes meditations and teachings of concentrated energy .

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