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Be Happy with things you have now

What does it take for you to be happy in life ? Should be a success , and a lot of money , and this car is what you missed ? What does it take for you really just sit back and enjoy helping moment? If you have an answer to this question , then you may be missing the point of pure happiness , and you can never really be happy with what you have. Let me explain .

The truth is that most people do not become happy once they get what they think make them happy. This is because pure happiness is a state of mind , it's not something you get when you have something in your life . You can choose to be happy, and if you did not choose to be happy again , then you probably will not be happy when you get something you want. It's that simple .How to be happy with things you have?

Accept that things in your life that make you happy

To begin with, do not accept things in your life that make you happy!
Jack Canfield once said, "do things that make him happy , and it is a very happy man" 
It 's very clear , but many of us do not follow this simple rule . We are working jobs we hate , we live in a house which we hate , and we do things we do not want to do it because we think we should do it. But the truth is we did not have to, we always have a choice .

If you find that you are not satisfied with what you have and then start taking steps to change. For example , if you are not satisfied with your work and take steps to find a job you love. Get the education you need to get the job you want , or just go ahead and apply. Do what you need to do to make that change and be happy.

Mindfulness practice

Mind is the way to being in the moment and really see it for what it is . Have you ever heard of the practice of grapes? This is a practice where you can eat grapes notes attentively and taste , texture and how you feel while eating. In the exercise that you are aware of the process of eating grapes , from beginning to end . This is an example to be aware of what you are doing . You 're not judgmental , you just watch .

Mind can help you to be happy with what you have, allowing you to really appreciate what you have. Take the time to really notice things or the people in your life that you can also take it for granted . Note things or people , and really be aware of how they benefit your life and what they do for you. This could be something as simple as your shower and something being aware of the tremendous work he was cleaning . You'll see that it would be hard not to be happy with your shower after allowing to see and feel how your shower is really for you!

Live in the moment

Have you noticed how you were really happy when you're on vacation? This is because you live in the moment. Can you imagine having that feeling at home every day ? Does not it make you want to live in the moment ?

When you live in the future, you may find yourself worrying about things . This includes waiting for something to come into your life to be happy . For example , if you are waiting for a friend and partner to enter your life to be happy, then you're probably focused on what the feeling is like when you meet your soul mate and how your life would be different, then it is now. But maybe you're concerned about how and when all of this as well, and that is causing you stress - not happiness.

Living in the moment allows you to stop focusing on what is coming , and when it will come . You can have dreams, and you have wants and desires , but if you spend your entire life stress when these dreams and desires are clear , then you're missing out on the present and the happiness you may feel .Bottom line : Do not let go of your dreams and your desires , but do not spend all your time in the future. If you want to be with what you have, then you have to live in the present. You can not be happy with what you have now , if you're still living in the future that you think will make you happy.

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