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Be Happy

What is happiness?

Happiness is a state of mental or emotional security, and glory. There is a positive or pleasure and the joy and pleasure of appropriate conditions that the goods of fortune. This is what everyone wants to look through a series of actions in the life of the facility or close friends , friends and work. Few of us engage in risky behaviors that can lead to temporal happiness as drugs and other marketing activities, the pursuit of pleasure .

The founder of psychoanalysis Sigmund Freud, the father argues that belongs to the people on the only goal is to be happy in the life of our trespasses , however, which is impossible in the cult of repressed instincts is the outside world that it called the principle of things . And protect us and remains of salvation , but the toilet the events of our own free will of nature to enjoy.

You holding your daily routines , removing your creativity and put to death ? Or do you have a way of maimed and perhaps it will be at home or at work, please contact us. If you are curious to get the life and impact on the movement of your negative they can be beneficial to health in a part of your mind the freedom to Freud , perhaps you are looking for a cure similar miracle misery .

Information storage in which struggle he did work for many of our people to be the very thing to say, after the expiration of , and enforcement is more expensive than some type of work , and desire to be his life, like the keyboard . But what are the secrets of happiness?

7 Secrets to Happiness

1) to develop , if it is not full of joy in honor of you, you have to let it out on the ground, but not within the seasons. He must also say that you should not have to hope . And who else is to feel like you are able to add one. Find your unique qualities and talents to embrace who you are.
2 ) the face of the pain. For a face to put off difficult before it is needed. This will give you more to do in the other , we are emerging in the life of fear. If the results of these things that are above or complex, often putting off suffer worse. I want to take the first step , and not procrastinate or allow.
3) dealing with anger , hatred, and other negative around you, or the zeal of other emotions, consider that each day is like a poison to drink. If it does not ruin everything. Is willing to let go, but not for long , you can take this as evidence soon. But the lawyer is not maintained by the evils of the past.
4) I need you to deepen their relationships with men with respect to the connection of others. Strengthen partnerships in respect of freedom , family , friends and neighbors. Recognize the very important , and many other things are role , especially for the time of my life. However, as volunteers to join the hour of your community or group can be connected with the wider community is incredibly rewarding .
5 ) Meditation in the inner man . So much to be released 15 minutes a day, and deep breathing In fact, the cards residential mothers. We will be important to the life of the almighty and merciful reach deep . To be more comfortable in the inner man , and that strengthen you in a much more calm and tranquility you .
6) Diet & Exercise - I recommend reducing the amount of sugar and processed foods in the week you eat fat . Simple, immediately replace processed white to whole grains like brown rice, whole wheat pasta or bread carbohydrates. The area of ​​natural industry gradually disappear , and I will give you better than Redbull . 30 minutes of exercise every day, even if it 's just going in the industry to stimulate endorphins forgive you.
7) Refresh yourself positive. Avoid listening to the news or the weather is not subject to the negativity when refreshing start your day. But every day , try something that is supposed to lead your piety or positive mood , it raises the first time in the morning. If a straight line to enter if you have been placed , if you want the habits in your home today , I will start soon.

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