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Decide To Be Happy and beat Depression

Start with a difficult question , and perhaps raise some controversy. Debate is nice , but remember , I'm just telling you what works for me and the reason I think it works for me. My hope is that if it works for me, it may suit your needs as well. But before you reach the first ten years , keep in mind that I do not say this is easy.
One of the first symptoms of depression is apathy and lack of motivation to do anything - including help yourself. Thus, the fact that you are currently in search of aid an how to be happy is a good sign , and must keep up with it . World Health Organization ( WHO ) is only one you can change ... Is you.
And you have to decide to make the change .So here we go ... The simple fact that I found : We can choose to be happy. (OK, my body armor is now ) . In a strange way that seems insensitive - at least with regard to overcome depression, and maybe it really is. " Oh man , do not be depressed. Simply choose to be happy. "

As if it were that simple, all you have to do is press the magic button on the back of your head that makes this possible. Sarcasm aside, and I thought it was the truth, you can choose to be happy. I choose to be happy, and work is hard work ridiculous , but it is doable , and often where I go first when I feel depressed.Clearly emotional state that the cornerstone of depression. And yes , I admit that the chemicals and hormones in our brains and our bodies are often (if not always) plays an important role in our emotional state .
So if we have a depression maybe driven chemical , and how can I chose to make them happy and magic out of the depression?Let me give you an example with a different emotion : LOVE. My wife hates it when I use this example because the traditional romantic idea of love is very different from what I think is really love (or at least exactly what it is ). Of course, love begins as a flighty , excited feeling , goosebumps that fills you think someone in every second of every day.
First love is to get involved emotionally, and all that we can focus on is that person is a charming and romantic . It pushes us to do things that you can not normally do. It consumes us.At some point , however, the feeling fades (although it does not necessarily disappear ), and if you stay in love , love must be a decision. This decision and efforts must fill in the areas that were already in the pure emotion control. If no decision not to , or rather, occurs when the decision love does not happen , your love does not last.

People who engage in relationships or marriages while they are still in flux , a very emotional stage of love , and we expect to continue on like this forever and those who receive a rude awakening when they realize that maintaining a relationship is very hard work . Staying love is very hard work . It is really worth , but it is work.In my experience, and these themes are parallel . My love for my wife starts pulling on my feelings , but ultimately the decision or axes to devote myself to it. Depression usually starts as an emotional event , but we have the ability to decide to get out of it . My decision to maintain an optimistic view in my life , my work and my family is my decision not to be depressed.
By focusing on these things in everyday life that are good is my choice , and the option to help me to reduce any depression or fight a bad day to come my way . Always in search of the lining of the money in things that are not very positive is a great way to start the optimism .Be optimistic and decided to minimize the importance of negative emotions is working, but it is worth at all. If you're in a rut or maybe a weak point in your life, you decide now to get out of it begin to focus on the positive side in the world around you. I promise you will see the difference in how you feel.

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