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How To Be Happy in your situation

Blessed is he who comes to know the "three"
The trend suspect our lives , we often provide for him. That happiness is something to be treated, so to speak, to thank you to do . In this perspective one place after another rough experience. Others manage to divert the use of despair, the old belief that "three." He begged that if a man out of our own to order cases and Fortune , in any case, we turn around .
But this is hardly to superstition. But also, in itself , is a little profitable, the triple is competent for happiness is nothing other than being a victim and that the course of our fortunes.
Blessed are three :
1 . pleasant life
And happiness from material things and positive feelings benefits.
Although this kind of pleasure are delectable , the feeling of satisfaction, and the only one they offer , which is often in a hurry , leaving us wanting more.
2 . good life
The joy of the conflict has generated a passion, and the flow to generate a reason to work hard to meet prospective clients in deep sorrow . This was the case in offers Edison , Einstein, Salk , astronauts and mountain region.
3 . Life in a sense
Happiness built on core values ​​and a sense of the common good , positive, and support the objective circumstances where joy is accessible. Examples include the faces of Mother Teresa and the Dalai Lama happiness.
Sustainability is our happiness with these particular couples.
To help us in creating the key to balance what I came to another "three";
1 . election
Firstly , I do not know where the market is almost closed the victims know our order . Always our power , lest they should be able to luck, but I received as well as their control.
2 . accountability
We have said the key to the second argument , a pair of actions and thoughts . As is clear from the definition of ours , that is, to our good fortune, our opinion of himself , and the expectations of others , it is valid with the same number of things in our possession.
3 . Response - The faculty
For the third , it must be said is often more important than the life of any man to be able to act quickly. But the lake is the duty of mercy , patience , acceptance will live a fuller life.
Simple reminders are "three" to be applied to help us learn about true happiness :
1 . But what is really in life, that does not work , knowing to have the power of choice.
2 . They love to you on the subject, as well as loving others , knowing that you can not understand a new cut was true. Make use of your own that grace , among other reasons , often working fervently that you count your blessings , love is the answer to all the question of confidence that it will.
3 . Life is not by luck or chance and luck of your sacrifice , not the best things in life are not . Is it not just a certain point, or when the end of your happiness. Triple is the way to prolong the pleasure and meaning . At each step of the way is a kind of your choice.

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