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How to Be Happy Single?

It may be one day be filled with joy or despair , depending on how you view them . But the choice is really up to you . You can choose to be happy and enjoy your time alone, or you can choose to be alone and helpless and sit back and wait for your prince or princess to come . The choice is yours, but would not you be happy ?

The way to be happy when you are alone , it is to understand what it is to be happy ! If you can not think of anything , then you spend too much time thinking about what you lose instead of what you get to be unique.

The fact is that you need to move your attention. Your attention is powerful. It can cause you to be happy or unhappy depending on where you put it . If you focus on how you are alone, you will see that loneliness. If you focus on how you are sad, you will see that sadness. But if you spend your attention on another positive emotion , such as luck, then you will focus on how lucky you are !One huge thing to be happy when you are single

Try to turn your attention away from the loneliness or the desire to have someone for a while and start focusing on the next word instead : freedom.

Freedom is something that deserves attention ! You can do what you want, when you want, without having to meet a partner. Freedom is something to appreciate and enjoy ! If you have not been you should lose your freedom , but you can not see because you 're so busy to wait to give your freedom.

Freedom gives you the independence to do what you want to do to benefit you. For example, if you feel you are getting a headache and did not feel like going to the grocery store , you have the choice to stay, but in a relationship you have to give and take. You can not expect to stay because they do not "feel" like going out , especially if you do not have food and your partner are hungry and you can not go themselves. There are a million examples of this kind .

Be happy to have complete and total freedom at the time. It is not that you completely lose your freedom when you are in a relationship, but there will be many more compromising happens when you are. Enjoy the opportunity to:

Do what you want
Go where you want
Eat what you want
Say what you want
Act like you want

You also have the freedom to discover who you really are and what makes you truly happy in life without having to take the life of someone else into consideration. When you enter into a relationship that is often influenced by your partner likes , dislikes , and beliefs. They can cause you to rethink their likes, dislikes , and I think - especially if you 're not sure what you are about to start .

A lot of guys get into a relationship and find they do not know who they really are when they are older because they never had the chance to discover without influence. That's the beauty of a moment , you can take the time to understand who you are! This is something that you should enjoy what will make you stronger when you get in a relationship partner.

Take this time to figure out what you really like and you really want to go in life. Do not have an influence on your dreams and desires with them, so enjoy ! Dream big and go after those dreams.Remember that to be happy alone, you must shift your focus on the things that are worth to be happy. Freedom is the best thing to enjoy if you are single. Take a look around and understand what kind of freedom that you are happy.

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