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Studies on Trying To Be Happy

Recent studies suggest that people who seek actively seeking to be happy can be really happy.Two American researchers , Yonah L Ferguson and Kennon Sheldon M say that is trying hard to be happy can actually make you happy and present the results of their recent experiences in " trying to become happier.

Is a clear attempt to be happy or instructions hinder the actual experience of happiness ?Two experiments studied this question using to listen to music as happiness which stimulates activity positive.

In the first study , two groups of participants listened to 12 minutes of music called " Happy ."Those who have tried actively to feel happy and reported the highest level of positive mood after .
In the second study , the participants - who were responsible for deliberate attempt to become happier (as opposed to not try ) - I listened to a group of music " positive " for two weeks.
It was those who were instructed to focus on improving their happiness greater increase of happiness than those who said just focus on the music.What seems to have a much happier than others in both studies was a combination of trying hard to become happier and use proper methods - in this case , listen to happy music .

Ferguson and discoveries Sheldon important studies challenge the former suggests that without trying , and people may not know of the positive changes in their well-being , " they write. " Thus, practitioners and those interested in interventions happiness might consider mental motivation as an important aspect of improving the well-being . "

These studies show that listening to positive music can be an effective way to improve happiness , especially when it is combined with the intention to become happier.

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