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You Should Be Happy

If you want to know to live a happy regulate all things to flow , not to your own understanding . In other words , all the things you can not control infintestinal of his life. Day after day, and wants to live well . Confirmed on me a little for me to navigate lifescape .

Because I believe in God. But that simple . In order to achieve an end, as he leads the ship, great I live my life. There are things like this that I want, but what you want with the blessing you want.But if you want to live a happy life , if you want to know is the fight against pain and sorrow. Therefore, it must be set before you, both here and in life.

As for what is the last chapter of the joy that you can keep it in the dark you can still use it . Because I know that God does not exist, you stick to you, it will take care of you, and bless you , as nightfall , but I 'll see you forever.

John 16 : 21-24 woman said that when she gives birth , but it is annoying is the joy of life in action. This is roughly the same time you have to , and distress and suffering. Thank you to overcome what prevents you from living. Victor in the success of your art.

Knowing that the peace treaty is a short time when it is in some way by the hand at birth , let him take it, and one that you fall from clouds . At this point, from me to you on your feet, and you will return to the streets of the class. But the way you were watching hatred , we must ensure thatI guess when you're in the wrong way and fell on the road .

The only thing that I always shove sent to earth . A call for action to stimulate the call of the spirit , saying : " Oh , if they are not set which can not be well with you. "It is a being that God is love and the ultimate parent . And shake your head in ruin, he will teach you well when you are stubborn. Wizz mild or require to tell you will change the direction of the course in. It was proven time and time again by the evidence .

But I have a testimony of the first to go through it . Risk of road was full of wonderful and amazing, and I know there are no final results , but I have made ​​peace a place in a spiritual sense. I heard that voice , and I know it will not hurt me a source of pride . When I want something, I will ask him any question . Do not worry , I can not talk to the dead. As long as I am myself , myself , I think I am grateful.

And how is he happy with the flow than it is at the end . Know that his spirit may be watching you , and it will lead to ultimate success. All you have to do is believe .

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