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Just Be Happy

Once a wise man been asked, how he could be happy, He replied: "When I get up , I get up . When I walk, I walk . When I sit , I sit . When I eat , I eat. When I speak, I speak".

People interrupted him , saying: " We do the same , but are you doing more? "
- "When I get up , I get up . When I walk, I walk . When I sit , I sit . When I eat , I eat. When I speak, I speak ."

People have said to him once : "This is what we do too! "
- He replied '"No" . When you sit, you get up already. When you get up , you run already. When you run, you are already on order ! "

So we would be accustomed to in the past or in the future most of the time . Is what I 'm locked , I enjoyed our evening this weekend, what I'm going to cook tonight , where we could spend the next vacation, I have to plan this project for the next month . I'm bored, I would be somewhere else.

We live in a dream

You want to know how to be happy? i suggest you watch this video

Sometimes we need a reminder of how to be happy .
This video was made from pictures of children's books , be happy : a little book to help you live a happy life by Monica Sheehan . Monica was an illustrator for Real Simple magazine and picked up some of his drawings to form this book and video .

She has other books available as Love Is You and Me and The Book of Love , but this little video in particular touched my heart .
In a world in which many of us are overwhelmed by the real problems, like the economy , health , divorce and crime , finding moments of joy can be difficult. It's times like these when a video or a book like this comes around and suddenly we find a smile on your face again.
Monica reminds us to "do things that you are good at" and "find a new perspective." Simple statements with a great message .
I hope you all find your own way to be happy .

Do you have the age to be happy?

If you have 23 or 69 years , enjoy and be happy!

According to a study of the Centre for Economic Performance at the London School of Economics , transmitted by Monday, July 22 Time magazine's website, the curve of the U-shaped happiness, if we more fully at the age of 23 years, our moral and happiness decay slowly until the fifties.

Here, things are slowly improving and we find our morality and be happy on top at the age of 69 years (but beware of the decline last 75 years).

The study has identified this trend was performed on 23,161 people aged between 17 and 85 years. This phenomenon of U-shaped curve is also observed in all developed countries, regardless of gender and socioeconomic profile of respondents.

According to the study , this phenomenon is explained by our tendency to misjudge the future.

Wellness, a matter of perspective:

This study says:
"Young people overestimate their degree of satisfaction to come the greater the underestimate. With age, people ambitions at lower, increasing their real welfare."

Bhagvad Gita, How to be happy

Everyone wants to be happy, content and satisfied. But, how?

In our modern world, happiness often seems very difficult to find, which is ironic, because in many ways, with all the features you have, life is much easier than it was just fifty years there.

The ancient scriptures of the East have been studied and integrated into the lives of millions of people around the world. They were the basis for countless happy and contented lives. So what 's the secret? How is it that these people, many of them without the luxuries that we take for granted, has found true happiness while living the most simple life, often the poorest in terms?

The secret is that these people lived their lives following the instructions and teachings of the Bhagavad Gita.

The Bhagavad Gita describes us all to have the lower self and the higher self. The lower self is selfish , giving us our limited perspective, what separates us and disconnected from the rest of the world feel, and unhappy.

Happiness - 5 unusual tips to be happy

I guess you reading this article because you want to be happy right ?
You came to the right place, i will give you 5 tips to get there, based on the latest research in the field .

1 . Walk as if you were in a commercial for shampoo:

The general idea : what you do affects how you feel , says author Richard Wiseman, in his latest book , The As If Principle . In other words , behave as if you were happy and you will be, scientifically speaking .

A weird thing to do might work; change the way you walk . The researchers found that people who walk with long strides ( long strides , swing arm ) for three minutes feel "really happier" than those who walk shuffling ( not small , curved shoulders , face down ) .

2 . Act as if nothing had ever happened:

The general idea : Most of us have some ideas of when or how they will benefit more from life ( When I get this job, Or If I get married...) , which fact prevents us from being happy, says Sonja Lyubomirsky in his book the Myths of Happiness .
All these ideas are not also concern the future. Constantly thinking that if we had acted differently in the past, we would be happy today, is just as bad .

Happiness - Choose to Be Happy

I take advantage of this wonderful day to write an article on happiness.
when I visited my Inner World during the last week . Connect to his inner world is a paradise , it is why I sleep great for a week and finally , the characters I meet there are from my imagination or not , whatever, I learn always a lot and I always come zen and bouncy .
In short, so I summarize what I learned.
1- The outer and inner happiness happiness:

There are two types of happiness that come to us in different ways. External happiness is caused by external events . You receive a gift, we are happy ! We receive a compliment , oh thank you ! We see our love , we are happy !
But this kind of happiness is ephemeral and / or illusory.
Because when the thing that creates the happiness fades , our happiness also disappears .
It is not a pleasure but a thing that stimulates the seed of happiness that there because we are no longer able to stimulate ourselves.

Inner happiness comes from our soul, our seed inner happiness as I like to call it . The soul is eternally happy no matter what happens in our daily lives .
But this happiness is sometimes very hidden within ourselves because we are too busy to seek happiness elsewhere than us.

Can you realy choose to Be Happy?

Can you really choose to be happy ?

This may be laughable , sometimes we can find it insulting , facing what seems difficult for us to live, however , proponents of positive thinking are formal, happiness is accessible to all.

The methods are many, sometimes very distant from each other, at the approach , but they all embrace the same belief , that each of us is responsible for his state of mind and everyone has the necessary resources to be happy.

What is happiness?

This is a question actually quite strange , because we all know what happiness is, the idea; But as soon as the issue becomes more precise , happiness is difficult to define. If we really stressed or if you look in the dictionary, you will probably arrive at something like :
" Happiness is a lasting state of fullness and satisfaction, pleasant and balanced state of mind and body, of where pain , stress, anxiety and disorder are absent."

Still, be happy, live happiness is to be really good in her shoes and let's be clear, it is much easier to be happy if all goes well, when stress, or fear, or pain generated by external events from disturbing this peace. Until then, we all agree , but how in a life where every day is asked of us a little more, where tensons are countless opportunities for improvement rather insignificant ? Because it is that the issue.

The different methods are not intended, at first anyway, just change our environment, they provide nevertheless allow us to improve our status in relation to these "events". On second thought, they are not wrong, the important thing in the end, this is not what happens in itself, but the impact it will have on our moral. Because ultimately , the only essential thing is to be happy , right?

So we say , how we take the event does not change the event time? Yet , it significantly changes what will happen in the future. The list is long , but if we had to sum ​​up, when we are happy, we are in better health, attention span is increased, energy is overflowing, it is capable of much more creativity and consequently; our whole existence is modified.

The beginnings of happiness box:

The idea is not new and has been developed by a French, the infamous Emile Coue. The method has been ridiculed for decades - we all know the sketch depressive Danny Boon ,

"I'm fine , everything's fine " - and gradually began to regain the acclaim.

The method is simple , use the imagination rather than the will, much stronger in taste, to achieve its objectives or to cure all kinds of ailments.

Coue method is now used by the most popular coaches that snapped politicians, business leaders and elite athletes, it is the basis for many therapies and focuses on the visualization of the objective, because you self suggesting positive things, "You gain confidence in yourself and trust gives you the certainty that you are able to do not only well, but very well, all the things you want to do, provided it is reasonable, all things as it is your duty to do. "

The Art of being Happy, find the gift inside

It's been a few years since I am interested in personal development through a few books that helped me a lot at some point in my life , I just cite as an example Change in your head, moving in your life Roger Zumbrunnen ( by Editions Odile Jacob ) .
This kind of work solves a problem pragmatically more or less serious than one 's daily life . I was the first to mock this kind of work in the past, but we must recognize that some are very well designed .
Alas, they are a tiny minority in a vast ocean of nonsense that swarm on the stands of bookstores. Terrifying platitudes stuffed hackneyed cliches , written by these "specialists" roam a unique documentary particularly soothing thought. Asian philosophy buff , I can only be dismayed by the superficial recovery great texts of Lao Tzu or Sun- Zi. In short, it was time to move on ...
Me away from these gloomy regions, I venture gaily into the land of Western philosophy to brighten up my thoughts . Ah , Plato, Montaigne , Epicurus , come to me and educate the little round head just waiting to grow ! It may seem contradictory that a person seeking answers rubs a discipline that asks questions where there was none.

How to be happy in this life

Everyone wants to know how to be happy, but it is not easy to find the answer to this question.
Happiness is not easy to have, and it is not given to everyone to enjoy. Being happy is a choice , whatever your life and your situation, you can become happy.

Here are some tips that may be useful to your pursuit of happiness.

How to be happy Tips:

There is no recipe for living happily , but there still are some tips that can help you to be.

- Be Sociable : If you want to be happy, make sure to have a busy social life. Surround yourself and do not lose any opportunity to make new friends.

- Opt for positive attitude : This attitude will allow you to still see the events and the bright side of life . And you will appreciate what life offers everyday and you will see how lucky you.

- Have a good time : Take time to have fun and enjoy the good times . Have moments of relaxation and leisure .

Choose to be happy in a sad world

Hello! Are you happy? If not, why?
Do not tell me, you've forgotten how to be happy! Or maybe, just maybe, no one ever told you how to find happiness in the first place, no one has ever needed.
Well, the fact that you are reading these words you have just told me that perhaps might be interested in the art of happiness.
So, are you ready? How to be happy? The answer is, just be. Ok, so what exactly does that mean, to be fair? Well, let me explain that this does not mean that you'll be happy ...
When you finally get married and have children
When you finally get that great job
When you live in this great big house you've always dreamed of
When nothing bad happens in the world 
When you are thin again, etc.