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Choose to be happy in a sad world

Hello! Are you happy? If not, why?
Do not tell me, you've forgotten how to be happy! Or maybe, just maybe, no one ever told you how to find happiness in the first place, no one has ever needed.
Well, the fact that you are reading these words you have just told me that perhaps might be interested in the art of happiness.
So, are you ready? How to be happy? The answer is, just be. Ok, so what exactly does that mean, to be fair? Well, let me explain that this does not mean that you'll be happy ...
When you finally get married and have children
When you finally get that great job
When you live in this great big house you've always dreamed of
When nothing bad happens in the world 
When you are thin again, etc.
Nor will you happy when you're young though, despite modern science, you never grow old in this life.In this context, happiness is not something that happens only in the past, either. No, you can never be happy in the present moment.
And, yes, achieving happiness is much simpler than having to achieve certain things in life. Being happy is much simpler. Just be. And it basically means that wherever you are in life and whatever good or bad things happen, you say that this is my life , this is how it is right now, I agree and I am grateful.
Yes, it is normal to want things to be better , bigger , leaner , faster , slower; but right now, it is your life.If you can be with it, if you can find gratitude for your life right now, then you will be happy. No "happily ever after" happy but "happy now" happy. This is how to be happy, in my opinion anyway.
You do not believe me?
Ok, let you and I play a game in a few minutes. This is a fast easy game, and it is a game that is bound to put a smile on your face.
Okay, think three times when you remember to be happy. At present, only three times, in as much detail as you can. Go back as far in your life that you can choose and three times you did smile or laugh or cry or made you say, "Thank you this is good".

Now try to remember exactly  why these moments are moments of happiness for you. Ask yourself this "big thing" was made at the time. And I guess the times in question were in fact quite simple moments when nothing "big" happened at all - it was just amazing, that's all. I guess you even relived again and it does not make you feel just as happy as time. I guess your original happiness is that you were just being in the moment and deal with it.
That's what I guess.
I'm also guessing that at least if you have played the game above, anyway, you feel a little happier right now. Why? For nothing in the world has changed in the last moments.
Happiness is really a simple matter. It happens in the moment, every time we really accept "what is." Which could lead to another question from me: Well, what happiness, then? Well, that is a subject of another article, but I think it goes a little like how Dennis Waitley seen below:
"Happiness can not be traveled to, owned, earned, worn or consumed. Happiness is the spiritual experience of living every minute with love, grace and gratitude." - Denis Waitley.
So, Just be happy.

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