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Can you realy choose to Be Happy?

Can you really choose to be happy ?

This may be laughable , sometimes we can find it insulting , facing what seems difficult for us to live, however , proponents of positive thinking are formal, happiness is accessible to all.

The methods are many, sometimes very distant from each other, at the approach , but they all embrace the same belief , that each of us is responsible for his state of mind and everyone has the necessary resources to be happy.

What is happiness?

This is a question actually quite strange , because we all know what happiness is, the idea; But as soon as the issue becomes more precise , happiness is difficult to define. If we really stressed or if you look in the dictionary, you will probably arrive at something like :
" Happiness is a lasting state of fullness and satisfaction, pleasant and balanced state of mind and body, of where pain , stress, anxiety and disorder are absent."

Still, be happy, live happiness is to be really good in her shoes and let's be clear, it is much easier to be happy if all goes well, when stress, or fear, or pain generated by external events from disturbing this peace. Until then, we all agree , but how in a life where every day is asked of us a little more, where tensons are countless opportunities for improvement rather insignificant ? Because it is that the issue.

The different methods are not intended, at first anyway, just change our environment, they provide nevertheless allow us to improve our status in relation to these "events". On second thought, they are not wrong, the important thing in the end, this is not what happens in itself, but the impact it will have on our moral. Because ultimately , the only essential thing is to be happy , right?

So we say , how we take the event does not change the event time? Yet , it significantly changes what will happen in the future. The list is long , but if we had to sum ​​up, when we are happy, we are in better health, attention span is increased, energy is overflowing, it is capable of much more creativity and consequently; our whole existence is modified.

The beginnings of happiness box:

The idea is not new and has been developed by a French, the infamous Emile Coue. The method has been ridiculed for decades - we all know the sketch depressive Danny Boon ,

"I'm fine , everything's fine " - and gradually began to regain the acclaim.

The method is simple , use the imagination rather than the will, much stronger in taste, to achieve its objectives or to cure all kinds of ailments.

Coue method is now used by the most popular coaches that snapped politicians, business leaders and elite athletes, it is the basis for many therapies and focuses on the visualization of the objective, because you self suggesting positive things, "You gain confidence in yourself and trust gives you the certainty that you are able to do not only well, but very well, all the things you want to do, provided it is reasonable, all things as it is your duty to do. "

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