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Do you have the age to be happy?

If you have 23 or 69 years , enjoy and be happy!

According to a study of the Centre for Economic Performance at the London School of Economics , transmitted by Monday, July 22 Time magazine's website, the curve of the U-shaped happiness, if we more fully at the age of 23 years, our moral and happiness decay slowly until the fifties.

Here, things are slowly improving and we find our morality and be happy on top at the age of 69 years (but beware of the decline last 75 years).

The study has identified this trend was performed on 23,161 people aged between 17 and 85 years. This phenomenon of U-shaped curve is also observed in all developed countries, regardless of gender and socioeconomic profile of respondents.

According to the study , this phenomenon is explained by our tendency to misjudge the future.

Wellness, a matter of perspective:

This study says:
"Young people overestimate their degree of satisfaction to come the greater the underestimate. With age, people ambitions at lower, increasing their real welfare."

This special report notes that neuroscience studies have shown that humans tend to overestimate the likelihood of positive events that occur in their lives. Instead, minimize the likelihood that in difficult times.

This study says:

"This could explain why biologically in terms of satisfaction expectations are too optimistic for most of adult life, before adjusting slowly throughout life."

That does not tell us what expectations are stable, while more than fifty true satisfaction increases,"the researchers added. Wisdom, perhaps? Or a matter of temperament?

Another recent study, this time published by the Journal of Research in Personality, showed that young adults and emotionally stable extroverts got more compliments than other retirees , time reporting.

So be happy, forget about the past and futur, live the moment and be happy.

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