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Happiness - Choose to Be Happy

I take advantage of this wonderful day to write an article on happiness.
when I visited my Inner World during the last week . Connect to his inner world is a paradise , it is why I sleep great for a week and finally , the characters I meet there are from my imagination or not , whatever, I learn always a lot and I always come zen and bouncy .
In short, so I summarize what I learned.
1- The outer and inner happiness happiness:

There are two types of happiness that come to us in different ways. External happiness is caused by external events . You receive a gift, we are happy ! We receive a compliment , oh thank you ! We see our love , we are happy !
But this kind of happiness is ephemeral and / or illusory.
Because when the thing that creates the happiness fades , our happiness also disappears .
It is not a pleasure but a thing that stimulates the seed of happiness that there because we are no longer able to stimulate ourselves.

Inner happiness comes from our soul, our seed inner happiness as I like to call it . The soul is eternally happy no matter what happens in our daily lives .
But this happiness is sometimes very hidden within ourselves because we are too busy to seek happiness elsewhere than us.

We look for what can make us happy in the emotional , professional field , equipment, etc. and we move away from unconsciously true inner happiness that we have forgotten.
2- The happiness of the ego and the heart:

As human beings , we are born with two things that are with us from birth to death : a soul and ego. The soul , he can be seen as an inner divinity , it comes from the source and therefore has all the capabilities of it because it is closely related to it.
It is happiness , inner peace, unconditional love , abundance, etc. ...

But Mr Ego , he is the "dark" side , it adapts to the community in which he lives and is judged only through it. The ego is the realm of emotions and mind. When you feel anger or sadness is the ego talking.
It is the ego that feels lacking, while the soul it lacks nothing .

The Soul is perfect. The soul is happy in any circumstance because it expects nothing , he accepts whatever the universe sends him because he knows that everything happens for a reason and at the right time .
The ego , he wants to control everything ," I want it to be like this and not like that,"" I want to have it,"all the " I want" out of the ego. So when it happens as according to his expectations , he became emotional and we feel sad or upset.

Although in reality , we're not really sad , it is the ego that is not us. To give a picture, imagine that the Soul is a beautiful glass clean and all the dirt and stains from the ego . When the window is dirty , it wipes clean and is all !
When a person feels unhappy on " loose - grip" the ego and the person is happy !

But dispel the ego is a long work on yourself and it may take many lives but as we realize that it is lego and that freaks you learn to work on then gets closer and a bit closer to the goal
3- Search of his inner divinity & happiness to exist :

If the real happiness is in itself so people who seek happiness are actually looking for yourself.
Those who merely external happiness will never really happy because it is illusory .

In reality, the fact of existence should be enough to be happy . Knowing that we exist and that we are in life is something that is not given to everyone .
Learn to be happy to exist is a personal work to apply every day of our lives.

We must let go , it is the ego that seeks and emit expectations, desires and needs. But all we need is there, everything is perfect though often we do not say .
Maybe the word " perfect " is seen differently in the ego and in the soul.
The soul is reincarnated here in perfect conditions to live what he has chosen to live in this life.
While perfection in ego lies in the emotional achievement , professional staff, equipment according to the "rules of happiness " created by the ego .

But even if the ego seems " nasty, ugly and not beautiful", if there is also a reason. Given that everything is perfect, it had no reason to exist, it would not be there. So everything exists for a reason !

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