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Just Be Happy

Once a wise man been asked, how he could be happy, He replied: "When I get up , I get up . When I walk, I walk . When I sit , I sit . When I eat , I eat. When I speak, I speak".

People interrupted him , saying: " We do the same , but are you doing more? "
- "When I get up , I get up . When I walk, I walk . When I sit , I sit . When I eat , I eat. When I speak, I speak ."

People have said to him once : "This is what we do too! "
- He replied '"No" . When you sit, you get up already. When you get up , you run already. When you run, you are already on order ! "

So we would be accustomed to in the past or in the future most of the time . Is what I 'm locked , I enjoyed our evening this weekend, what I'm going to cook tonight , where we could spend the next vacation, I have to plan this project for the next month . I'm bored, I would be somewhere else.

We live in a dream

Our mind has an extraordinary ability to use the past to learn from mistakes or imagining the future to anticipate actions. But we do not tend to abuse this tool more than reason. The risk is to live a good part of our lives in a kind of dream.

Between our memories and projects. Objectively because these two aspects of temporality does not exist. In fact what comes to pass is definitely out of reach.

We absolutely can not do anything about it . We can only observe and accept what has happened. All access can only be done in memory. The future meanwhile is a projection, it does not exist and all our certainty about future events are only assumptions, projections filled with probabilities.

So absorbed in our thoughts we walk in the street, the next street may wake up suddenly. There is therefore an interest in being there and not elsewhere in our mind. Our body is always it is vital for him, he needs to breathe , walk , keep his balance.

But to our mind is less obvious, as saying "we must be here and now" is good, but how do we know when we really are? Is it to be neither in the past nor in the future?

Being present is focusing on what happens from moment to moment, do not enter. That is to say, stay out of concepts. Simply grab what we send our senses without trying to interpret simple greeting , without analyzing .

Receive before the words because they do not completely recreate reality. See how we can remain voiceless face intense experience or have trouble translating what we sometimes feel. Concepts tarnish somehow reality by enclosing it in a kind of rigidity immutable.

What happens is changing from moment to moment , and the time to think about the words and make the sentence to describe what just happened we lost over a short time. Enter what happens actually looks like the breaststroke .

Looking at the surface, as soon as I put into words, began to organize the data I lose contact with reality can not do two things at the same time . Stay connected to this is somehow remain timeless . The mystics speak of the contemplative state to describe this mode of consciousness. Time would it be an illusion?

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