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The Art of being Happy, find the gift inside

It's been a few years since I am interested in personal development through a few books that helped me a lot at some point in my life , I just cite as an example Change in your head, moving in your life Roger Zumbrunnen ( by Editions Odile Jacob ) .
This kind of work solves a problem pragmatically more or less serious than one 's daily life . I was the first to mock this kind of work in the past, but we must recognize that some are very well designed .
Alas, they are a tiny minority in a vast ocean of nonsense that swarm on the stands of bookstores. Terrifying platitudes stuffed hackneyed cliches , written by these "specialists" roam a unique documentary particularly soothing thought. Asian philosophy buff , I can only be dismayed by the superficial recovery great texts of Lao Tzu or Sun- Zi. In short, it was time to move on ...
Me away from these gloomy regions, I venture gaily into the land of Western philosophy to brighten up my thoughts . Ah , Plato, Montaigne , Epicurus , come to me and educate the little round head just waiting to grow ! It may seem contradictory that a person seeking answers rubs a discipline that asks questions where there was none.
But it is precisely this point that seemed important to me , after a period of introspection necessary for living life , know what you want and what you really need to grow , it is desirable to me to open up to greater reflection on the world around us to move into new territories intellectuals ...
So ( again and again ) lounging in the library I came across this little book by the German philosopher Arthur Schopenhauer , The Art of Being Happy (through 50 rules of life). Given my deep nature of intellectual and cultural dilettante , clear and concise structure of the book invited me to immerse myself in this beautiful text. The enlightened philosophy amateur forgive me, I will give here (as always) my naive feelings after reading.
It is interesting to note that Arthur Schopenhauer makes a distinction between "philosophical thought" and "wisdom living." Considered a very pessimistic philosopher , this does not prevent him from creating notebooks personal thoughts or words of writers to make his life ( and ours ) less painful .
Obviously , it is light years ahead of titles such as "Small Practical Guide to live your life in peace". The implacable lucidity art deserves to be happy that we are back throughout life to meditate on . I would end this short invitation to read and illustrate a rule :
Rule of Life :
Meditate carefully before implementing thing but once this is done and then we expected in the end , do not worry by continuing to weigh the possible risks. Now let the matter completely side exclude reflection is concerned with reassuring yourself with the belief that everything has been carefully considered timely . Nevertheless comes a nasty issue: it is so because all things are subject to random error.
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I brought to you another book for Arthur Schopenhauer called : Art of being always right
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