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You want to know how to be happy? i suggest you watch this video

Sometimes we need a reminder of how to be happy .
This video was made from pictures of children's books , be happy : a little book to help you live a happy life by Monica Sheehan . Monica was an illustrator for Real Simple magazine and picked up some of his drawings to form this book and video .

She has other books available as Love Is You and Me and The Book of Love , but this little video in particular touched my heart .
In a world in which many of us are overwhelmed by the real problems, like the economy , health , divorce and crime , finding moments of joy can be difficult. It's times like these when a video or a book like this comes around and suddenly we find a smile on your face again.
Monica reminds us to "do things that you are good at" and "find a new perspective." Simple statements with a great message .
I hope you all find your own way to be happy .

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