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After a break-up - 10 steps to be happy again

Break is not playing . It hurts, it makes you cry and makes you want to sleep through life.
That said, breaking somewhat resembles a mini- hopscotch, with boxes on which we should all stop, left turn to go until we understood. Anger , euphoria, blues : there has going for it is that the girls are all been there . There is better is that it will decrypt all that great speed and move up through the freedom box boards Ahlam Fennou psychotherapist .

1- Step refusal : " He'll be back . "

"I love you , I 'm leaving ." His sentence may well be clear, it slips on like a bucket of water on a waxed canvas. He is tired , overworked , he loses it , it will pass him. Everything goes back to normal . However, he left with three travel bags and he slammed the door. Well, he left his toothbrush (old ) and a book ( he finished reading ), this is a good sign , right?
No. Anyway , it is impossible that you leave . You interpret every gesture , every word in order to convince you that it will come back. "You think the third point at the end of his email means that it is willing to discuss ? " You wait, you believe the break is like accidents only happen to others.
Risk: continue washing clothes for years after his departure, and have the heart that jumps every time the door or the phone rings and if it was him?The opinion of the psychiatrist. Abandonment is the greatest injury of the human being . Break down to all situations of abandonment of the past, the first being the birth. It is for this reason that it is intolerable. The brain filter information , the message does not pass, because the unconscious is not ready to live such a shock .
Reality often ends up back on top as we perceive more or less quickly the rift between what we saw and what we believe would leave .

2 - Step angrily: "You're a dirty cunt, poor shabby."

Happiness : 5 tips unusual to be happy

HAPPINESS - You want to be happy ?

Here are 5 tips to get there, based on the latest research in the field .

1 . Walk as if you were in a commercial for shampoo.

The general idea : what you do affects is how you feel , says author Richard Wiseman, in his latest book , The As If Principle . In other words , behave as if you were happy and you will be, scientifically speaking .

A weird thing to do might work: change the way you walk . The researchers found that people who walk with long strides ( long strides , swing arm ) for three minutes feel " really happier " than those who walk shuffled ( not small , curved shoulders , face down ) .
2 . Act as if nothing had ever happened.

The general idea : Most of us have some idea of when or how they will benefit better life ("When I get this job! "Or" If I get married") , which fact prevents us from being happy, says Sonja Lyubomirsky in his book the Myths of Happiness .

All these ideas do not also affect the future. Constantly think that if we had acted differently in the past, we would be happy today, is just as bad .

A weird thing to do might work : create a "new yourself."The first step : the look or the things that you absolutely want but you have not obtained (eg, "I wanted to skate at the Olympic Games " or " I wanted to have a child " ) . Next, examine the specific reasons which have prevented this dream come true : who and / or what events have influenced you , in which minor or major did you choose ?

Be Happy - 12 Tips to be happy

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I know that nowadays it's hard to be happy in this crucial world, but i'll give you 10 tips to feel happy and don't forget to just be happy, a smile sometimes is enough.
1 . Choose questions
It is those we ask that define our reality and our destination.
Am I looking for what is wrong or that goes in my life, my relationships and my projects?
To always think about what can be improved, we deprive ourselves of that on which we can already build or count.
By trying to change his life, his job , his love or his creamer we no longer look at what works , and then , all of this, what works best to apply it in other areas of his life.
2 . Believe in yourself and others believe
I believe on me create my destiny. Successful students ask questions and trust .

Be Happy - 6 keys to a happy couple

You never know what is really happening in a couple? Behind the appearances, there is a subtle mechanical, personal stories so strange! The relationship between two people is often opaque. Yet happiness together feels, feels himself radiates. For a long time it was believed that love alone explain it.
Today, psychoanalysts such as Alain Valtier question this omnipotence of passion. Some engines, however, are necessary for the adventure lover. We explore six essential: tolerance, common values, a bond of friendship, shared words, sexual agreement, dreams and projects ....
What happy couples based on the long term. They exist, sure, we met. Listen, is to receive a lesson in wisdom and hope.

Key # 1: tolerance
The peculiarities of each first attractive, are also the source of many conflicts. If accept differences is not always easy, it is still necessary to enrich the relationship.

Should you love your job to be happy?

Flourish in his profession is a strong aspiration for many of us . But because we do not exercise the right job or we exercise in bad conditions , it is not always possible. What are the real reasons for our professional frustrations? And how to put the work in its proper place ?

"A punishment for original sin, that we tried to do as quickly as possible and then forget in alcohol and religion" ... This is what was once considered the work , says Alain de Botton, writer and journalist , author of Splendours and Miseries of work.
The Enlightenment has radically changed the situation. "While Aristotle did not conceive that we can be happy being forced to earn a living - our freedom accommodating a lot of stress - the philosophers of the eighteenth century saw the possibility of finding a form of development in the exercise of his profession. " Today it is a cultural obligation. "In our society of personal fulfillment, work has become one of the main vectors of self-realization ," says sociologist Vincent Gaulejac . So that even when we occupy a job that does not passionate about , we seek to find an interest . Our design work is now closely linked to the notion of personal enrichment .

10 TIPS to be happy

"Happiness is a disposition of the mind " said Louise de Vilmorin.
Here are some tips to put you in the festive heart and give you a smile ...
Follow these tips to find the path to happiness .

1 - Make peace with yourself

" The main thing is the kind consideration that we will give the first few seconds in the morning", says Claude Milleville1. Because too often we take the look on ourselves we condemn . Instead of focusing on our flaws, our shortcomings and our weaknesses, also admire our qualities and riches! Ideal to boost your self-confidence , and really move !

2 - Cause happiness around you

Selfishness and happiness rarely mix. Put your energy for the benefit of others: your family , your friends, but also those who are less well off , need support : your old neighbor , sick children , homeless ...

3 - Accept your moods

Can we be happy if we have nothing to sacrifice ?

    " The SMS question of the day , we are New Year's Eve : Are you happy between nine and nine and a half, there were 65 and 66 % of respondents who registered negative : no , we 're not happy . Enormous ! Huge when Blaise Pascal knows that " every man seeks to be happy, even those who hanged himself ." (...)
We realize gradually the modern evil in its various dimensions. Because of this awareness , the modern evil is becoming modern misfortune. Is it irreparable ? No!
Only good makes us happy. Joy said the scholastics , is the certainty of property owned . This definition if sober always plunged me into deep reflection . As well , we only have one way we connect, it is not reason, it is faith .

How To Be Happy Right Now

In this article I'm going to talk about the number one thing I hear from most people who want to change their lives... happiness. I hear it all the time, "if only I was happy." Or "once I have this I'll be happy." This is the wrong way to live life. You must be happy right now. Let me explain what I mean.

If you have read any of my articles you know that your thoughts are the most important thing to you. If this is your first article of mine, welcome, and now you know that what you think is the most important thing in your life. So in order to be happy, all you have to do is... be happy!

Our thoughts affect our every behavior, and in turn that behavior affects our every action. One of my favorite all time quotes is by Bruce Lee, "what you think is what you shall become." This is the truest statement I've ever read. I know this because this is the mantra on how I live my life.