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10 TIPS to be happy

"Happiness is a disposition of the mind " said Louise de Vilmorin.
Here are some tips to put you in the festive heart and give you a smile ...
Follow these tips to find the path to happiness .

1 - Make peace with yourself

" The main thing is the kind consideration that we will give the first few seconds in the morning", says Claude Milleville1. Because too often we take the look on ourselves we condemn . Instead of focusing on our flaws, our shortcomings and our weaknesses, also admire our qualities and riches! Ideal to boost your self-confidence , and really move !

2 - Cause happiness around you

Selfishness and happiness rarely mix. Put your energy for the benefit of others: your family , your friends, but also those who are less well off , need support : your old neighbor , sick children , homeless ...

3 - Accept your moods

This morning you got up -e left foot ? Accept these changes in your mood as a natural phenomenon rather than worry about or feel guilty . This will be all alone, and you will be less victim. Similarly , assume that your loved ones, too, can be in a bad mood will help you endure more calmly.

4 - Recognize your chance

You have a husband , children, relatives and friends , a job, a home, you are in good health ... Honestly , what do you want? Admit that you're part of the lucky clan, and stop your dissatisfaction crises. Accept your luck, and provoke it without doubt it. You will advance by leaps and bounds .

5 - Avoid catastrophism

New mine are gray ? After an honest assessment , make sense of things : are they so terrible that? The world collapses really ? You may find that not all is not so terrible around you.

6 - Listen to others

Empathy, ability to understand and know others by identifying with them, is a key quality that will facilitate your relationships and your outlook on life. Try to put yourself in the place of your loved ones , and remote people you find difficult : your boss is pissed ( his son has big health problems ) , your husband is not to be taken lightly ( the work anxiety ) , this contract is odious ( it pours for 3 days) ... In their life, would you still friendly ?

7 - Create Day

" Do not we enclose in the monotonous rhythm of days , cultivate friendships , going to meet another, establish new relationships ," advises Claude Milleville *  You are flat ? Know it simple (no big dinner with trimmings ), but do not miss a good time. " Denying attendance , under the pretext of preserving and sleep , can not under any circumstances bring us profit. Life asks us to move forward , not save us and be generous with ourselves " .

8 - Reconcile with your past

To accept is to update your past, put aside old grudges and resentments , accept what can not be changed, digest family histories , separation , mourning . It is also set unfinished situations ( arguments, tensions ) . This approach is essential for adults from the right foot to happiness and avoid regrets , unnecessary and painful.

9 - Find meaning in your life ...

Who am I? Why am I alive? If you already have the answers to these existential questions , you are on your way to achieving it yourself. Otherwise, what would you say to think a little to your personal values ​​(work, love, family , order, freedom ... ), to prepare and use your goals to achieve ?

10 - Preserve your freedom

To feel good with others, we must not getting caught by their desires, but know say no , express feelings , desires and needs. Otherwise , frustration builds up and undermines the development. Do not fear their judgments , choose one e - freely , what you want to do and not to do, and refuse to let you handle!

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