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Be Happy - 12 Tips to be happy

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I know that nowadays it's hard to be happy in this crucial world, but i'll give you 10 tips to feel happy and don't forget to just be happy, a smile sometimes is enough.
1 . Choose questions
It is those we ask that define our reality and our destination.
Am I looking for what is wrong or that goes in my life, my relationships and my projects?
To always think about what can be improved, we deprive ourselves of that on which we can already build or count.
By trying to change his life, his job , his love or his creamer we no longer look at what works , and then , all of this, what works best to apply it in other areas of his life.
2 . Believe in yourself and others believe
I believe on me create my destiny. Successful students ask questions and trust .
Use your imagination to see how we want to be then used to launch her ​​bag over the wall. Switch , try and cope shows us our own courage.
Do not minimize its successes and its failures did not amplify .
3 . Learn to fail or fail to learn
To increase your success rate , you must double the amount of failures. Is to meet learning to walk . It does not get used to fall. So we learn from it every time. There is no other secret to grow and flourish.
4 . Give yourself permission to be human
Accept feel good and less good. If one seeks to minimize the negative emotions, it is our ability to perceive that it cuts off . Let him live his emotions is to accept gravity. We finally saw very well with .
5 . Confide
In his diary or someone. This allows it to be true. A life of integrity makes them happy. And if you have to force them to feel better to feel good , it is not a betrayal of oneself is a healthy and smart move.
6 . Identify the benefits
Everything and for everything. There are treasures of happiness everywhere and especially here . Ritualize gratitude. It is practical , effective and rewarding. Be realistic but positive .
7 . Simplify
To get closer to the optimal experience. To have time to enjoy, the less is the best friend .
8 . Cultivate relationships
The first indicator of potential happiness of someone is a close and intimate . Quality moments with loved ones are the most durable or fuel.
9 . Do not forget your body
Working with our nature, not against it. Exercise, sleep and tenderness for all.
10. Be differentAnd make themselves known . Express request of courage. Being as it is , is what sounds the most righteous. Always .
11. Introduct changes that one wishes to
Ritualise from now. Out of his comfort zone, increase capacity , extend their skills.
12. Love now
Riding on a walking foot to vary the view that in a. Listen to learn, learn to move forward, advance worm itself, to be closer to others. Share his happiness never decreases.

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