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Be Happy - 6 keys to a happy couple

You never know what is really happening in a couple? Behind the appearances, there is a subtle mechanical, personal stories so strange! The relationship between two people is often opaque. Yet happiness together feels, feels himself radiates. For a long time it was believed that love alone explain it.
Today, psychoanalysts such as Alain Valtier question this omnipotence of passion. Some engines, however, are necessary for the adventure lover. We explore six essential: tolerance, common values, a bond of friendship, shared words, sexual agreement, dreams and projects ....
What happy couples based on the long term. They exist, sure, we met. Listen, is to receive a lesson in wisdom and hope.

Key # 1: tolerance
The peculiarities of each first attractive, are also the source of many conflicts. If accept differences is not always easy, it is still necessary to enrich the relationship.
Key # 2: shared values
Living with the same self that is neither possible nor desirable. But to live with his hand increases the risk of disagreement. Between these two extremes? A balance based on shared core values.
Key # 3: a friendship
And if your partner was also your best friend? Complicity and trust are essential to build a link still alive.
Key # 4: shared words
Too many silences undermine the privacy daily. But say too much too ... Can you learn to speak the same language? Focusing on the art and how to really communicate to both.
Key # 5: sexual agreement
It is a source of fulfillment and otherwise meet. But how to keep a happy sexuality in the long term? That is the challenge facing those who want to make the pleasure last.
Key # 6: projects and dreams
To move forward, the couple needs to project. And that's when everyone desires to unite in a common vision that the future is exciting.

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