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Can we be happy if we have nothing to sacrifice ?

    " The SMS question of the day , we are New Year's Eve : Are you happy between nine and nine and a half, there were 65 and 66 % of respondents who registered negative : no , we 're not happy . Enormous ! Huge when Blaise Pascal knows that " every man seeks to be happy, even those who hanged himself ." (...)
We realize gradually the modern evil in its various dimensions. Because of this awareness , the modern evil is becoming modern misfortune. Is it irreparable ? No!
Only good makes us happy. Joy said the scholastics , is the certainty of property owned . This definition if sober always plunged me into deep reflection . As well , we only have one way we connect, it is not reason, it is faith .

    I do not mean only the Christian faith, supernatural faith , but the faith in all its forms, in good faith , faith in love, faith in the future , faith in life and in the Gospel of life. Not something vague and euphoric (that is secular caricature of faith ) .

    No! Practical faith in a specific good that can not be calculated , which is not programmed and always born that Descartes paradoxical Christian , called generosity. Not only the magnanimity of Aristotle, which always involves a development of the soul ( anima magna ) is problematic .
   Not Descartes is right, what makes you happy is generosity , that is to say also offering the sacrifice. Can we be happy if we do has nothing to what sacrifice ? Nothing bigger than yourself ?
While 66 % of French people feel unhappy , while the requirement of happiness rose with the clearest consciousness of misfortune, I forge here the wish that this New Year's Eve party , make an inventory of all property , in his life, are larger than him and that allow or require sacrifice.

    Happy are we if this company is still unable to satiety to hunger and thirst for justice that transcends us and for which we are willing to sacrifice. "

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